Living with Your Contract

Living with Your Contract

By DeAnn Flores Chase February 23, 2016    Category: Contracts

This is the second of a three-part series discussing legal steps an entrepreneur, business owner or professional should take when starting and growing a business. Living with your contract means knowing what your business contracts say, and conducting your business consistent with the terms of these agreements. Whether you are starting or growing a business, well-drafted written contracts are critical to your success. Too many business owners rely on “form” or “template” contracts obtained from the internet, an office supply store, or other businesses in their industry. However, when it comes to contracts—one size does not fit all. Contract law... READ MORE

This is the third of a three-part series discussing legal steps an entrepreneur, business owner or professional should take when starting and growing a business. Having a great product is simply not enough in today’s world; getting your name out in the market is what counts. Look at Apple®: a brand that everyone recognizes for quality, ease, and the statement that its name carries. And look at one of its competitors, Real Networks. The point stands. But hey, you have this great idea. You’ll market this computer repair service and call it, “Apple Repairs: An apple a day keeps the... READ MORE

A corporation has more formal requirements than an LLC, but can provide your company with tax benefits that an LLC cannot. Deciding to incorporate your business should be done with the guidance of an attorney, as you will need more than just a completed Articles of Incorporation form to achieve the benefits of this decision. There are two types of corporations: “C” and “S”, with identical non-tax benefits. The difference, then, lies within the taxation of these corporations. By creating a “C” corporation, your company will become a completely separate taxable entity from the shareholders, with the corporation retaining all... READ MORE

DeAnn Flores Chase In Southbay Magazine

Chase Law Group works with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to navigate their business and real estate matters. DeAnn Flores Chase founded the firm in 2007 and has practiced law for nearly 20 years. What are the most common problems that you run across when working with clients? “Business owners are often so focused on the day-to-day operations of their business that putting proper legal structures in place can get set aside..." Read the full article here! READ MORE

Deann is the Founder of Chase Law Group, P.C. that does business locally as South Bay Business Lawyers, a boutique law firm dedicated to providing responsive, one-on-one, client services to entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in the South Bay and throughout the State of California. She has been practicing law for over 15 years, and has spent her entire law career advising and defending businesses of all sizes.  She began her career as a litigator, and has appeared in virtually every courthouse in Southern California.  This experience gives Deann the unique ability to provide businesses with a preventative, comprehensive, approach... READ MORE

DeAnn Flores Chase, Founder

By chaselawgroup August 09, 2014    Category: News Articles

DeAnn Flores Chase, Founder

South Bay Business Lawyers is a full-service business and real estate law firm working with local business owners to establish comprehensive legal structures that provide personal liability protection and tax advantages, as well as manageable day-to-day operations. The firm handles a broad range of matters, from the simple to the complex, and from start-up to retirement and succession planning. Attorney DeAnn Flores Chase started South Bay Business Lawyers in 2007 and has lived in the South Bay for 18 years. She lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband, Bruce, and their two children, Alexandra and David. Read the entire article... READ MORE

South Bay Business Lawyers in Manhattan Beach goes against many stereotypes about law firms. When most people think of lawyers, they envision workaholics who charge for every little service, right down to the paper clips and Xerox copies, while providing clients very little understandable information about the work they are doing for them. South Bay Business Lawyers has a different attitude, one that emphasizes customer service and affordability. Read the entire article here! READ MORE