At Chase Law Group, we work with California employers to create manageable employment programs that help them to comply with complex state and federal laws.

California is a tough state to be an employer. It is hard enough to run your business without trying to keep up to date on frequent changes to state and federal employment laws. Even an innocent violation of these regulations by a business owner can have harsh penalties, enough to put you out of business. If an employee makes a claim against a business, the burden is on the employer to prove they were compliant with the laws. Whether an employment claim is substantiated or unsubstantiated, the employer will be required to defend itself and the best way to do that is to have proper documentation of the employment relationship with each employee.

The attorneys at Chase Law Group have extensive experience in creating employment programs for employers that comply with the ever-changing landscape of regulations in the State of California while maintaining manageable day-to-day operations for the business.

Our employment attorneys regularly consult with you to create employee policies and procedures that are easy for you to implement and protect yourself from employee claims and lawsuits. We advise you on many aspects of compliance with state and federal laws, including the following:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Hiring and Firing
  • Independent Contractors
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Classification
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Harassment and Discrimination Policies
  • Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Protection of Trade Secrets

To learn more about how the attorneys at Chase Law Group can help you to create a manageable employment program for your business, schedule your consultation today!

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