Trademark & Copyright

Trademark and Copyright

At Chase Law Group, we help business owners to establish and protect a brand for your business, including a unique name and logo, and protect your business’ intellectual property.

Trademarks are used to identify your business as the source of your goods or services.  Trademark protection arises from the use of a name or logo in commerce, whether or not the trademark for the name or logo is registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, (“USPTO”).  However, without a trademark registration, it is difficult to enforce your trademark rights and to demand that a competitor “cease and desist” from using a name or logo that is the same or substantially similar to yours.  A trademark registered with the USPTO allows a business to prove ownership of their brand, with the leverage of statutory damages in the event the competitor continues to use the trademark after being put on notice of the competitor’s wrongful use of the name or logo.

Trademark Search & Registration

At Chase Law Group, we always start with a comprehensive trademark search and analysis of a business name, product name or logo design to determine the likelihood of success in obtaining a trademark registration with the USPTO, or the likelihood of being on the receiving end of a cease-and-desist letter from a business that has already registered the name or logo with the USPTO.

Once we determine the availability of a name or logo for a business, our trademark attorneys prepare and file trademark registration documents with the USPTO in order to obtain a registered trademark that you can effectively brand and use to identify your business as the source of its products or services.

Intellectual Property

We also advise you in areas related to your intellectual property, such as obtaining copyright registrations for artistic or literary works, licensing of intellectual property to others or the protection of your trade secrets by way of the preparation of non-disclosure agreements.

To learn more about how the attorneys at Chase Law Group can help you to register a trademark for your business or to protect your business’s intellectual property, schedule your consultation today!

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