Franchises & Licensing

Franchises & Licensing

At Chase Law Group, we have extensive experience advising people interested in buying or selling a franchise, as well as those that have an established concept or brand that they want franchise or license to someone else to use.

There are many ways to expand a concept, such as licensing (granting someone else the right to use a trademark), seller-assisted marketing plans (helping someone else to open a business that does not use any licensed trademarks), franchising (a combination of the first two—a trademark license combined with operating or marketing assistance), and distribution (selling products for resale). Careful legal planning must be conducted to ensure that the intended structure complies with applicable state and federal laws.

Buying a Franchise

Chase Law Group routinely advises people that are interested in buying a franchise business. Having an experienced franchise attorney review the agreement with you before signing can be invaluable to understanding your rights and obligations as a franchisee. Even if you believe franchise agreements are not negotiable, there are many instances that franchise agreements can be negotiated. In addition, we can help you to avoid mistakes, such as paying franchise fees before they are due.

Reselling a Franchised Location

If you are interested in reselling a franchised business that you own, Chase Law Group can assist you with any all aspects of the sale and help you avoid any problems that could arise during the process.

Licensing a Concept

Although expansion can be a powerful way to franchise, it is not for everyone. There are ways to expand through models similar to franchising, but without the expense of franchising, such as licensing your concept to a third party to use and charging a licensing fee. To take advantage of these approaches, great care must be taken not to create an “inadvertent franchise.” Chase Law Group has significant experience in assisting clients to set up a licensing arrangement that does not cross over into franchising.


Of course, when you are ready to expand through franchising, Chase Law Group stands ready to help you. With our depth of experience in assisting franchisors, we are happy to assist you to fulfill your dream of franchising.

To discuss how Chase Law Group can help you to buy a franchise, or to sell a license, franchise, seller-assisted marketing plan or distribution system, schedule your consultation today!

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