Required California and Federal Labor Law Postings (effective January 1, 2022)
Required California and Federal Labor Law Postings (effective January 1, 2022)

Every California employer is required to display current California and Federal Labor Law postings at each company facility; physically posted in conspicuous places in the workplace, such as break rooms or other common areas, where employees can easily read them.

Remote Employees: In addition to physical postings at the company facility, employers with remote employees who work entirely from home, must mail hard copies of the required employment notices to the employees homes where they can be posted. If the remote workers periodically report to a physical location, notices must also be posted and visible in that location. 

Employers have been uncertain about whether they can just email required notices to their remote employees. Under Senate Bill 657 (SB 657) taking effect January 1, 2022, the answer is no. It is not enough to just email the required notices to remote employees. 

While employers can distribute notices to remote workers via email, it does not alter the employers’ requirement to physically display posters in the workplace, and for remote workers, the physical posting requirement still applies to the employees home. Any electronic notices sent to remote workers must stipulate that the remote employees must print and post the notices and the employer is required to reimburse for any expenses incurred by the employee to do so. 

Note that SB 657 is limited to California law and doesn’t affect laws related to federal posting requirements. SB 657 may be limited to the electronic distribution of Labor Code notices only (e.g., minimum wage notice) and not other posting requirements such as those found in the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

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