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Workers’ Compensation Basics for Employers


Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to employees of a company who are injured while on the job. These benefits are provided to employees in exchange for removing their right to sue their employer for the injury (with some exceptions, such as injury caused by intentional misconduct of the employer). In California, all businesses with at least one employee must provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees, and this benefit must not be subsidized by the employees. Executive officers and directors of corporations must be included in a company’s workers’ compensation coverage, unless the... READ MORE

Immigration Law 101: Things to Know When Building Your Workforce

Businesses are increasingly widening their hiring net to include individuals who are not U.S. citizens, including businesses in manufacturing, construction, tech, agriculture, and even the service industry. Employers looking to hire foreign nationals need to understand the basics of immigration law to make sure they handle the onboarding process appropriately. Businesses in California also need to be aware of new state laws that impact federal ICE inspections. Having an experienced business attorney on hand is also extremely important in dealing with immigration issues, as the laws here can get very complicated very quickly. Immigration Law Basics It’s easy for U.S.... READ MORE

Why (and How) You Should Craft a Buy-Sell Agreement

Whether you’re starting out with partners or considering adding new people to the ownership structure of your already-successful business, one document you want to make sure you have in place is a buy-sell agreement. An incredibly common source of lawsuits is partnership disputes, and these often arise when someone decides that they want to leave the business. Having a buy-sell agreement in place will ensure that you’re not blindsided when something like this happens. Why You Should Have a Buy-Sell Agreement in Place It’s a common enough story. Two friends know that they work really well together, and they decide... READ MORE

Chase Law Group in Southbay Magazine 2018

Chase Law Group is a business and real estate law firm working with business and professional practice owners to develop comprehensive legal structures that provide personal liability protection and manageable day-to-day operations. Owner DeAnn Flores Chase has worked in the legal industry for 22 years and started her own firm in 2007. She earned her law degree from Southwestern University School of Law. Read The Full Article Here READ MORE

With the prevalence of cell phones, work is increasingly being conducted by and through text messages; for many people, this may even be their preferred form of communication! Texts can be used when setting up coffee or lunch meetings, hashing out details of a plan, checking in with your independent contractors to see if they’re available to help with a project quickly, arranging for a digital influencer on social media to promote your business and products, and to confirm the details of a potential sale! This all begs the question of whether a text message can create a legally binding... READ MORE

Complying with California’s Rest and Lunch Break Laws

A common pitfall for employers in California is not adhering to the state’s strict requirements to provide employees with appropriate meal and rest breaks. Non-exempt workers (as a general rule, this is anyone who would be entitled to overtime pay) are entitled to a 30-minute meal break on workdays that are longer than five hours and an additional 10-minute break for every (approximately) four hours worked. In other words, in a “standard” eight-hour day, employers should be providing their non-exempt workforce with at least two 10-minute paid rest breaks and one 30-minute unpaid meal break. Rest Breaks Though “one rest... READ MORE

How to Avoid Common Hiring Pitfalls

By DeAnn Chase October 29, 2018    Category: Business Law

How to Avoid Common Hiring Pitfalls

As your business grows, you’ll bring in team members to help you manage everything from driving sales to keeping the books straight. Eventually, you’ll hire a human resources expert to help you manage your employees, but even before you grow to that point, you can still take steps to avoid stumbling into any common legal pitfalls in the hiring process. Application When searching for a new team member, you should start by creating a job description that makes it clear what you’re looking for and what it will take to be successful in the role. This is the time to... READ MORE

Oral vs. Written Contracts

By DeAnn Chase October 19, 2018    Category: Business Law

Oral vs. Written Contracts

Contracts form the foundation of all business. A business uses contracts to form a relationship with its suppliers, contractors, customers, and employees, which act as an assurance that what it has asked for will be completed and that products purchased will arrive in time and perform as advertised. A contract is fundamentally an agreement between two or more parties that’s legally enforceable. However, a contract does not have to be written in order for it to be enforceable by law. Contract Basics In order to create a valid and enforceable contract, there must first be a mutually recognized offer, clear... READ MORE

How to Negotiate Contracts

By DeAnn Chase October 12, 2018    Category: Business Law

How to Negotiate Contracts

As a small business owner, you’re probably going to see a lot of contracts. Contracts are vital to any business, since they’re used to buy and sell goods and services, hire people, protect secrets, establish partnerships, and much more. These contracts can protect you, protect your business, set your salary, and guide business relationships in a positive direction. Because a well-drafted contract can be so central to business success, before entering into an agreement, you should be sure to take the time to properly review and negotiate the details. Read the Contract: Before signing anything, take the time to actually... READ MORE

Selling a Franchise Location

By DeAnn Chase October 05, 2018    Category: Business Law

Selling a Franchise Location

As your business grows and changes, you may reach a point where you want to sell all or part of your franchise locations. This could be due to retirement, health, family changes, or simply because you want to do something different. That’s when you’ll find that selling a business requires just as much planning and strategy as growing one, at least if you want to maximize the value. Buyers often make a purchasing decision based on how quickly a business will provide a return on investment, so it’s important to take the time to set your business up in a... READ MORE